Rob Powers

Rob Powers - President of LightWave 3D Group

Rob Powers is the President of the NewTek LightWave Group and leads the LightWave 3D software development design. Powers was one of the original "Malibu Five" Avatar concept design team and the first CG artist to join James Cameron’s team as Animation Technical Director for the film. Powers was a key team member during the development of the virtual workflows used by Cameron and created the industry's first Virtual Art Department (VAD) for "Avatar." Powers was also the Los Angeles based Virtual Art Department Supervisor for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s animated film "Tintin" based on the world famous graphic novels by artist Hergé.

Powers is a graduate of the University of Southern California Cinema Production. After graduation, he continued his formal film school education at the American Film Institute. At the time, the digital side of filmmaking didn’t exist and no schools offered programs in computer graphics (CG) animation. Self-taught in digital filmmaking methodologies, Powers is among the pioneers of the CG revolution. He has created animation and effects for a wide range of projects such as James Cameron’s stereoscopic IMAX film "Aliens of the Deep," Disney’s "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", and Jet Li’s "The One." Powers was also the lead animator for the 3D-dancing baby and animated tongues and exploding heads that debuted on the Emmy-Award winning "Ally McBeal" television show in the mid-90s.