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Making your production stand out to engage more viewers—especially novice fans—is among the keys to growing your share of the abundant live sports audience.

If you provide the higher production value, visuals and analysis that help fans go deep into the play, explain to them what happened, and make it easier for people new to the audience to learn and grow with the team, sport, or network, then you win their eyeballs and the monetization that comes with them. NewTek puts those tools right into your hands on time, and right into your van, truck or flight case on budget.

From the TriCaster system's multi-source mixing of cameras, pre-produced packages, and even computer sources, to sideline standups with talent-triggered live stats—you can keep the action going. And from the 3Play system's high-end visuals and 3D branded animations (think sponsored replays), to crisp slow motion with standard HD or SD cameras, you can accentuate all the dramatic plays, controversial calls, and simmering emotions that fans expect in every game.

Two solutions to fit your budget and your space, generate a positive return on your investment, translate to every sport you cover, and attract more viewers to any game you show.