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Set up and store session settings in reusable templates to jump right to your custom configuration during pre-show activities.

proc amp controlsMake subpar sources look better—and all of them perfectly consistent. Adjust color characteristics and levels for input sources: brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, as well as White Balance settings, provide a quick-fix for visuals and boost the look of your brand.

per-asset configurationFine-tuning at your fingertips. Adjust every camera input, stored source, virtual set, clip and transition to your specifications. From positioning and speed controls, to sound levels and color correction, TriCaster's configuration options are extensive, easy-to-use, and customizable to your particular needs.

A timesaver on every level. Configure M/Es, LiveSet shots, transitions, media players and more with your most frequently used setups and content. Presets include multiple slots for instant access to your preferred assets, even while live.

Layering, external CG, images, graphics—even off-board chromakeying systems—any source that has an alpha channel can pair with another source (whether intenal or external) to add depth, remove color backgrounds, and create layered effects.

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