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TriCaster applications.

There are several applications available for use with the TriCaster™ line of portable live production systems. From titling and editing software, to specially designed virtual sets that you can customize to meet your production needs. Give your live production a personalized look. It's easy to do. And you don't need to use a lot of fancy equipment. It will just look like you did.



Share the workload. Dedicated multi-def titling software. Display real-time data. Scores, times, and other fast-changing information. Managing your live production just got a whole lot easier.



altMix HD and SD on the same timeline. In real time. Complete flexibility. Real-time up and down conversion. 3D position, size and rotation. Interpolated slow motion. And instant playback for quick review.

TriCaster Virtual Set Editor (VSE).

Customize specially designed TriCaster HD virtual sets. VSE sets produce real-time reflections. Edit a wide range of elements. Once your set is customized, simplty export for immediate use.


Enhance your live production.

HD Portable Live Production.

With multi-track IsoCorder™ video recording technology, TriCaster™ 850 EXTREME™ lets you record up to eight channels of live video. Any input or output. Record multiple formats, including QuickTime®, H.264, AVI and MPEG-2, with adjustable audio headroom. Deliver video in up to 1080p and stream live to the Web and other digital media in up to 720p. With the push of a button. Go wireless with Apple® AirPlay® support for iPad®, iPod® and iPhone®. iKnow. It’s cool.

Take control of your HD live production with the powerful TriCaster 850 CS optional hardware control surface. Hands on the controls. Eyes on the action. It's all in the wrist.

Will never be the same.