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The big-league thrill of live sports coverage is in your ballpark.

The thrill of sports production is defined by multi-camera, network-style presentation, replay and highlights. Slow motion is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. If you don’t offer fans the content they want, they’ll turn the channel. But traditional replay and slow motion systems are expensive, often requiring a six-figure budget just to rent the equipment. If you could afford it, you couldn’t help but question the ROI of making that investment year after year. And if you’re a school, producer, or local broadcaster, you simply couldn’t get in the game. Now you can. NewTek’s groundbreaking 3Play slow motion and instant replay systems allow you to deliver World Cup style coverage on a budget. Field crews, vans and trucks, local broadcasters, smaller facilities, collegiate and educational athletic departments can afford mobile live sports coverage, whether in the stadium, the open field, or tight places with limited access. And best of all, with superior production quality and an enriched experience, you can keep up with national coverage, attract more headliners to your venue, and expand sponsorship opportunities for new revenue streams. A Price-Performance Victory By allowing large facility-class organizations to slash their replay and slow motion equipment costs – in some cases by more than 60% – and the smallest of production teams to enter the field of industry-standard slow motion and instant replay capabilities, NewTek’s 3Play family of solutions has shattered the barrier of price-performance. Replay Arenas, broadcasters and leagues strive to make missing the action obsolete – and to make every seat the best seat in the house. With every camera angle captured, every inch of the game covered, and no regrets for blinking during the once-in-a-lifetime play, NewTek’s sports video production technology gives sports producers – and fans –the edge. Game Highlights As important for recruiters as they are for fans, highlights are meant to impress. NewTek solutions let sports producers author the highlights right in the game, and add clips, graphics and a soundtrack, so you end up with a big-league video as awe-inspiring as the team’s performance – and as fast. Play Review Producers can give referees and coaches the visual verification they need, capturing and slowing down every camera angle on the field. Designed for pristine viewing in native HD and SD, our playback solutions provide the ultimate high-resolution quality for immediate review, advanced slow motion, and instant, multi-angle, in-playback switching. Slow motion Whether you are creating a moment or examining the controversial play, NewTek’s interpolated slow-motion technology offers crisp, cutting-edge playback that ups the volume for creativity, accuracy, and flexibility throughout the game coverage process.