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Everything you need to make a professional-looking program packed into a single system: multi-camera switching, live webstreaming, recording, video playback, titles, graphics, audio mixing, virtual sets, animated effects and everything on this page, built into one compact frame without all the additional setup time, complex cabling and cost.

rack mountIndustry-standard 2U and 4U rackmount chassis mean you can install your professional TriCaster model into any production environment with ease. Slide TriCaster into the rack to replace racks of other equipment, or to work alongside your current workflow.
*Feature not applicable to TriCaster Mini

multi tieredFor added protection and safeguarding, TriCaster includes multiple ''Always on Air'' features that create a multi-tiered redundant fail-safe system that keeps your live production in tip-top shape, with minimal disruption even in the face of catastrophe.

Control robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras directly from the User Interface, including camera orientation, zoom, focus and iris. Position presets with thumbnail preview make it easy to set up shots remotely and change angles on the fly.

mix matchGo with new video cameras and get the most out of your existing inventory. Each TriCaster supports HD and SD digital cameras, with resolutions and frame rates freely configurable for each live video input.

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