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New Live Virtual Sets

The next generation of live virtual sets included in TriCaster 8000 take total advantage of our full pan and scan capabilities and position presets, and now include our most updated, more life-like template sets.

Holographic Live Virtual Sets

Create a customized virtual environment from any real-world location. Turn panoramic images taken with your smartphone, DSLR or even point-and-shoot camera into a photorealistic virtual set, using the companion TriCaster VSE 2.5 software (sold separately).

Rendering Engine

TriCaster 8000's already superior real-time effects engine adds an enhanced image rendering engine that produces on-air visuals comparable to the world's leading image editing applications for exceptionally clean picture quality.


TriCaster 8000's positioner controls add the bonus of edge feathering to provide soft edges and subtle effects in overlay sources, live virtual set inputs, and more.


M/E Submix Out

Double your output and audience opportunities by switching two shows simultaneously or producing a secondary feed for post-show repurposing, with the ability to output an M/E sub-mix.


Playback from Cloud, IP, and Stream

Access virtually limitless video sources and content applications as video sources, with the ability to connect to Cloud-based media, IP cameras and streaming servers through network inputs.

Still & Title Buffers (5)

Access media sources – instantly – during live production. View and manage buffer content directly inside the integrated multiviewer, including animation preview and, incredibly, live title editing.

Animation Buffers (10)

Add up to 10 more full-motion sources for anything animated that you want instantly available, like LiveSet backgrounds, station logos, animated graphics elements--and set them to loop, run once, move around, slow down, position anywhere, scale, and key.

De-Fielded Grabs

Stills from any input (even buffers) can be captured in a pristine, de-fielded frame for immediate use, whether in the show or published instantly.

Send Recording to Playlist

The Add to Playlist record panel command enables instant turnaround of in-show content, making recorded clips available for immediate playback from any DDR playlist.

Send Grabs to Buffer

Make the scene you've just produced available as a newly captured image source in your show. Grab and send the still image directly to a buffer and have it at your beck and call.

Playlist Editing During Playback

Easily accommodate revisions to the show rundown or new content without missing a beat by making changes and updates to media player playlists during showtime. Every preset bin can be accessed and reorganized on the fly, even playing back content from one playlist while editing on another.


Re-Entrant M/E Tally

Completely intuitive switcher operation of the M/E rows provides operators with a tally in the Multiview display for any M/E source selected in the Preview row.


PTZ Camera Control

Control robotic PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras directly from the User Interface, including camera orientation, zoom, focus and iris. Position presets with thumbnail preview make it easy to setup shots remotely and change angles on the fly.

Router Control

Greatly expand broadcast integration with supported GVNP routers, and greatly increase the number of video sources available to bring into a program.

System Mirroring

The ability to control multiple TriCaster 8000 systems with a mirrored system provides system failover without program interruption, and allows the creation of a simultaneous, identically controlled program with multiple branding, language and media options.