Customer Stories


Everyone has a vision, idea, event or story they want to share. With TriCaster & 3Play, our customers are able to communicate their stories in ways they never thought possible. From broadcasters and schools, to churches and creative visionaries, people are discovering just how quickly and easily NewTek solutions can change the way they work, engage viewers, and deliver compelling stories.

Read about a TriCaster & 3Play-user today! Tomorrow, it could be you.

EMC² Corporation Takes Marketing Communications to a New High with In-House TV Production

How Nike took a soccer event social with #RiskEverything

With the help of TriCaster 8000 and 3Play 4800, the small production crew produced and streamed high-quality games to fans everywhere.

YouTube uses TriCaster to Tackle Sports

Vans Rocks Their #1 Event with NewTek Solutions

Viewers Gain Faster Access to News on TheStreet

Discovery Channel Chooses Mobile Studios and TriCaster to Broadcast Tightrope Legend's Grand Canyon Walk

TD Garden scores more systems for less money with NewTek solutions.

Derby County Kicks Off Match Coverage with NewTek Sports Solutions 

In sports, it pays to play with the right equipment. That is why the Derby County Football Club decided to make a significant investment in their live production equipment.

Extreme Exposure - St. John's Taps TriCaster for Television, Mobile and Online Sports Coverage

Kickin' it TriCaster style.

NewTek's TriCaster help a visionary with a Major League Soccer Club realize his desires for quality and cost savings with away-game production.

A Revolutionary WAAY to Produce Live News

When the ABC affiliate, WAAY-TV decided to transition from standard-def. to hi-def. they faced a typical local station challenge—they needed to create the most visually dynamic and competitive HD newscasts on a very limited budget. After extensive research, they chose TriCaster.

For the third edition of the Online Music Awards (OMA) this summer, MTV took TriCaster on the road through eight cities in the Southern U.S. in a tricked-out vintage tour bus.

They set out to break the Guinness World Records® title for the Most Live Concerts in 24 Hours...

Miami Heat uses TriCaster

The HEAT have once again pushed the limits on how to maximize the use of TriCaster—the most complete, multi-camera video production system on the planet...

Many are familiar with the 80/20 Rule; it's been applied to everything from wealth to work.

It’s not uncommon to hear things like: “80 percent of the wealth is in the hands of 20 percent of the people;” or “80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of the customers;” or even “80 percent of complaints are generated by 20 percent of the people.”

NewTek's TriCaster spreads the message of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus to the world.

For 15 years, the nonprofit John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has helped to make dreams a reality for students of all ages across the United States and Canada with its mobile state-of-the-art audio recording and HD video production studio.

The Vice President and Executive Producer of Giants Entertainment Discusses Web Streaming, Social Media and the Importance of Protecting the New York Giants Brand Image.

One medical visionary is on a quest to leverage NewTek’s TriCaster and Web streaming technology to train anesthesiologists worldwide on a technique that can reduce complications and improve outcomes.

Valley Local High School Expands Live Sports Coverage with NewTek TriCaster™

Northview Assembly of God Extends Outreach with Live Streaming

Multimedia has grown as a communications tool in the past 20 years. Savvy communicators around the globe now incorporate audio, video and the power of network-quality live production to more effectively inform audiences. Many houses of worship have readily adopted this trend. What began with use of websites and podcasts has now expanded to visual events with live music, dynamic graphics and more, broadcast or streamed across the globe.

Miss Universe Organization taps potential of live streaming to build excitement for its pageants

The new media department of the Miss Universe Organization is producing a wide variety of streaming video shows with the NewTek TriCaster™ to enhance its brand.