TriCaster Tips & Tricks - Editing

How to use 4-channel audio in TriCaster editor

If you have 4-channel DV clips, the front (stereo) signal automatically follows the video into the editor, but if you wish to add them, you can drag the rear stereo channels in manually, and they'll play.

Too Many Keyframes

If you set a lot of keyframes on a clip, and it begins exhibiting behaviors that don't seem correct, you may need to drag in a fresh copy of the clip and start over.

Is there a way I can get my files from the Mac into TriCaster?

Yes. One of the options when choosing to render an .AVI in Quicktime Pro is DVCPro. This will load into TriCaster.

How does one acquire 4-channel audio for Edit Media?

Right now, DV type 1 should work properly. For type 2, the audio stream will take priority over the interleaved audio, so if you have a clip which was in Type 2 for 4-channel interleaved, you cannot get 4-channel support.