TriCaster Troubleshooting - Setup

Will the iVGA remote executable run on my computer?

iVGA will run on any Windows XP or Windows 2000 computer. It will not run under Windows 98 or Windows NT. Much of its processing is on the graphics card, so computers with older graphics cards that use shared memory may perform sluggishly, which will be noticeable on video or animations across the network.

Why can't TriCaster see my external computer?

This could be for several reasons:

  • Make sure the iVGA client is running in the external computer's task tray
  • Make sure the external computer is connected to TriCaster with Ethernet or cross-over cable
  • Make sure the external computer has a computer name of 15 characters or les

Will a wireless card interfere with iVGA?

Yes. We were working with a customer who could not get his laptop iVGA recognized in TriCaster's drop-down list of available clients. We checked with netstat, we pinged, we shared seems TriCaster and the laptop were clearly visible to each other. We finally had him turn off his wireless network on the laptop, re-start TriCaster and it worked. This should have been remedied with the latest version of iVGA, available on the NewTek Downloads page.

NewTek 25 Codec readme file

This is the readme file that comes with NewTek's video codec:


NewTek uses a customized video format that creates a superior image to the standard Digital Video (DV) .avi format, and uses fewer system resources when capturing or playing. This format is also used when recording from TriCaster's Live Production Screen. This CD contains this freely-distributable codec to play/edit/create TriCaster-compatible video files on other Windows computers.

NOTE: This codec requires an Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor

To Install:

Right click on the "NewTek_Codec.inf" and select "install" from the Windows context menu. The files will be copied to the correct system folders.

This can then be chosen from an applications video capture options, and will appear in the list of options as "NewTek Video codec"

To Access Older Version:

For legacy sake, we also include an earlier version in the "Old TriCaster Codec" folder. The file name is NewTek_TriCaster_Codec. This might be required for use with earlier TriCaster recordings.

If needed, you can install it as well by right clicking on NewTek_TriCaster_Codec.inf and selecting install from the Windows context menu. With both the new and old codecs installed, then any rendering or recording will automatically only use the new version.

Is it recommended to use Windows Firewall with TriCaster?

Yes. By default, Windows firewall is active on TriCaster, and port exceptions have been created to allow remote connections of iVGA to access the system.

If you are going to stream to the web, and wish tighter security, you can connect TriCaster to a hub or router before connecting to the net.

How do I display the TriCaster ABOUT box?

Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A to display the TriCaster Product ID and TriCaster credits.

Where do I download teh TriCaster electronic manuals?

You may download the electronic format of the TriCaster manuals at

My stream provider will not support TriCaster and I cannot get it to connect to them?

Our streams are formatted a little differently than what Windows Media Encoder asks for but it is the same basic information. In fact, TriCaster uses Windows Media Encoder to stream, it is not technically encoded using NewTek software.

We require the following in order to stream from TriCaster:

  • Server name and path (ex:
  • Publishing point (ex: accountname)
  • Username and password (necessary for TriCaster, usually the same as publishing point)

The port number is not necessary unless specified by the provider, otherwise it is typically an HTTP port, 80 or 8080.

TriCaster will ask for the server name, path, and publishing point formatted as an address. Here is an example with a port number:

All that is necessary for TriCaster to stream is the aforementioned information and an active internet connection.

Where can I download the Live Set constructor?

We currently offer the Live Set Constructor for download in the Registration's My Downloads section. You will have to log in to see the My Downloads section and it will only be available for users that have a TriCaster that uses Live Sets.

How do I get iVGA to work?

There are several things you could try:

  1. There is no need to disable the windows firewall, but you may still need to allow iVGA past apps like Zone Alarm
  2. Set the following to the list of excepted applications for TCP Port 5901, 5902 and UDP Port 5901
  3. Disable other network adapters, including any wireless cards or wi-fi connections.
    (The TriCaster patch will make iVGA more capable of reaching out to the Mother ship and will eliminate the need for this step)
  4. If you’re on different workgroups, then you’ll have to ping or copy a file across in Windows Explorer before it will be seen
  5. If running an nVidia card on your client computer, make sure the installed nVidia Network Traffic Manager software is disabled.