TriCaster VT[5] Software Troubleshooting

Why is the aspect ratio wrong in my DDR?

After changing the aspect ratio preference, you must exit VT5.

For any DDR's that were previously open, go to the File menu and select New. This will reset the DDR to use the new aspect ratio setting.

Note that many file types such as RTV, still images or AVI files do not store their aspect ratio in the file. These files will be stretched to fill the entire screen.

DV avi, MPEG and MXF files are notable exceptions for which aspect ratio information is available and is used. If the file does not match the current aspect ratio preference, letterboxing will be applied in order to not distort the image.

Why won't the VST and Timecode effects work in SpeedEDIT-VT?

Some computers are missing a windows update.

Please download the installer here.

Unzip the executable and run the installer.

It will take only a second to install, but after restarting your computer, the effects should work correctly.

When I render to an HD format it appears upscaled despite using HD footage, why?

When SpeedEDIT-VT opens it will assume your settings are that of what VT has been set to. For instance if you're set in Preferences to be NTSC at 4:3 aspect ratio you will automatically get that as a project setting when you start.

To change project settings you must go to File > New Project and choose one of the presets or customize your settings.

What could be causing C++ errors?

Customers reported that using XP Pro's "3D Text" screensaver might cause problems with VT[5]. When it would activate, the C++ error would pop up and crash VT5.

This has been submitted as a bug.