TriCaster VT[5] Hardware General Questions

Does the VT[5] support HD switching?

While SpeedEDIT supports many flavors of HD, VT[5] is not an HD switcher. All HD content must be converted to Standard-Def for integration in to a VT[5] Live Production.

Will VT[5] Proc amps work on DV inputs?

Yes, with VT[5], you have full Proc amp control on DV Inputs while it is a switcher input.

Will my existing VT[2]/VT[3] card work with VT[5]?

Yes, but with some limitations to your use of LiveSet. VT[2] and VT[3] hardware lacks the third video encoder that is on the VT PRO card that ships with VT[4]. As a result the older hardware is limited to two simultaneous sources, and that limits how you can use such new effects as the double-box shots.

NewTek has posted a technical brief in the forums.

Can I capture from HDV?

VT[5] boasts HD editing through the integrated SpeedEDIT-VT program. You can only capture HD footage through SpeedEDIT-VT's capture panel. To access this open SpeedEDIT-VT and go to File > Capture from DV/HDV.

How do I configure Tally Lights for the SX-SDI?

The SX-84 has up to 8 tally lights for:

  1. SX-84 - this is normal analog sources as it always has shown
  2. SX-SDI only - instead of lighting up for analog sources, it only tallys SDI sources
  3. Or both.

When you do both, be aware that a camera on SX-84 input 1 and a camera on SX-SDI input 1 will both light the same tally, etc.

If you need to mix SDI and analog sources while using tally, try not to use the same input number on the SX-84 and the SX-SDI. For example, use 1-3 on the SDI and 4-8 on the SX-84, otherwise the tally will just be confusing to the talent when the tally lights up, but they aren't on camera. You can mix and match however you like though.

Open newtekrtme.cfg in notepad. This should probably be located at C:\Program Files\NewTek\NewTekSD\newtekrtme.cfg

Search for the word Tally and you will find the place to change it, along with instructions.

Save the file after making the changes (don't edit it while VT is running, that's always a bad idea) and then launch VT5. The lights should start working immediately.