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NewTek live production systems provide you with everything you need to meet audience expectations–today and tomorrow. With versions ranging from HD, all the way to 4K and beyond, NewTek production systems take advantage of the latest technology to keep pace with the constant innovation happening in and around the video industry, while maintaining proven and familiar workflows.

Experience these products at Booth SL5016.

Tricaster TC1

TriCaster®: The most complete multi-camera production systems on the planet—for the modern producer, publisher, and content creator.

  • Switching, streaming, and recording in HD, 3G, and true 4K UHD 60p
  • Comprehensive camera coverage and compelling multi-source video mixing, including 16 external inputs
  • Integrated video servers allowing playback, replay, and live editing without any additional hardware
  • Live streaming, on-demand video, post-production, broadcast, and social media sharing
  • Studio-grade Skype® video calling with single-channel Skype TX software integration

The NewTek IP Series: Today’s productions. Tomorrow’s demands.

  • Scalable, multi-source live video mixing of 64 true 4K UHD 60p source channels, each supporting key and fill, including 44 simultaneous external inputs
  • Powerful, multi-bus mix effects, with eight M/E busses and PREVIZ configuration and preview bus, all supporting zero-latency video re-entry
  • Superior stored media playback capabilities, with a total of 75 real-time multimedia players supporting an array of file formats
  • Prolific IP-based workflow supporting integration with products from hundreds of manufacturers and developers, and compatibility with other IP standards including ASPEN and SMPTE 2022

IP Series Product Family

NDI Software: Supported by more developers than any other IP standard.

  • NewTek’s royalty-free standard for video production over IP
  • Makes any NDI-enabled device on your network visible and accessible on your network
  • Visit NDI Central, Booth SL5421, where nine developers will showcase NDI technology in action

MediaDS: Effortlessly deliver to Facebook Live and more.

  • The only fully integrated hardware and software solution merging NewTek's industry-leading live production technology with powerful Wowza™ streaming software
  • Effortlessly deliver your shows directly from your production suite to viewers on any device, anywhere

TalkShow®: Live Skype interviews that look great—and sound amazing

  • Bring up to 4 guests from all over the world into live productions via Skype TX
  • Integrated NDI technology supporting input and output over IP

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